Airesun Chain Lube


Our Chain Lubricant is engineered to penetrate into the inner parts of the chain and keep it lubricated and free of moisture and other contaminants. As a result of maintenance issues, many companies forego chain transports all together and replace them with belts. In most cases, however, the problem is not the fault of the chains but rather how they are lubricated. Current chain practice consists of applying a heavy oil or grease to the outside of the chain which lubricates the sprockets and the outside of the chain but does not protect the most vulnerable area of the chain, the contacting surfaces inside the pin and bushing/plate/roller/hook. Generally, chains fail from the inside when the pin and bushing area gets stretched or kinked from wear and corrosion or oxidation. For proper lubrication the oil needs to penetrate and clean the of the chain. AireSun Global Chain Lubricant cleans the inside of the chain to remove contaminants and displace any trapped water that it encounters, and leaves behind a film of lubricating oil.