Airesun Chainsaw Bar Oil


Chainsaw Bar Oil has a 60% lower consumption rate, a 1:2500 environmental impact ratio and a higher lubricity than competing products. Chain Bar Lubricants are typically thrown off up to 50% into the environment, but by being 100% biodegradable in less than 60 days as well as non-toxic to all B33environments and water tables, NannöLube is the gold standard for companies seeking to implement good environmental practices.Negative characteristics of these chains reflect cutting edges which temper or dull and stud expansion that leads to linkage biting. Ours has a high flash point, tolerates changes from high to low temperatures, does not evaporate and is highly efficient while being 100% safe for the environment. Used by professional forestry and pulp cutters, the NannöLube Chainsaw Bar Oil lubricant provides them with a safe, cool, smooth and consistent oil application.