Airesun Bitumen & Tar Remover


Our Bitumen & Tar Remover immediately goes to work emulsifying then lifting tars and bitumen. Within seconds, tar and grease is lifted from the base or substrate materials. This product has a high flash point and can be used in any environment.
Our surface wetting agents allow solution penetration by lowering the surface tension to promote capillary action and diffusion; allowing the tar and bitumen remover to penetrate to the boundary between the tar and the substrate where the naturally derived solvents and emulsifying agents disrupt the adhesion between the substrate and the tar.
The secondary action of the tar and bitumen remover is to keep the tar separated by a thin layer of emulsifier and solvent, which prevents the tar from adhering to the substrate again.
It does not evaporate, is non-toxic and is 100% safe for the environment.