Airesun Global


Incorporated in 2014, AireSun Global has since developed a wide range of industrial oils, lubricants, and cleaning products, using a proprietary process to create unique nano-technology solutions.
All of our products are derived from the natural acids of agricultural seed oils, with performance characteristics at least matching petroleum-based products and usually have up to 5X greater efficiencies. Our products are all proven non-toxic and ensures the safety of the workplace, and our products require no special handling or storage, saving our clients time and money!
Most importantly our products are the most safe for use in all environments…even the most sensitive. 

Our products are available to Industrial, Institutional and Commercial clients directly or through Global Channel Partners and Distributors, at market competitive pricing.


Based in Cape Breton Nova Scotia, Canada, Airesun Global was founded in an area rebuilding from a severe industrial legacy and of the damages created by lack of awareness.

Building on rudimentary shop science, our product line has expanded substantially over the past few years and now include all of the most commonly-used industrial oils and cleaners. We have participated in extensive third-party trials with both private and public sector laboratories to establish the safety and efficiencies of our products.

From our humble beginnings, our team now includes subject-matter expert scientists in the fields of nano-physics, biology, high speed pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing, and toxicology.

Having developed our product line to help reduce the impact of petroleum-based products on people and the environment, we create safer workplaces with our non-toxic consumer end products.

Our 23+ products are recommended for use in all industrialized environments as well as all highly-sensitive environmental applications. Also worth noting is that all of our products are certified H3, 3H certified for food processing facilities and are extremely efficient in their applications.

By using Airesun products, our clients greatly increase the safety of their workforce while reducing their carbon footprint over 20X, and reducing their toxic emissions by over 50%.


We at Airesun strongly believe that the world can be a safer place to live and work without compromising the needs of industry.
Industry is what creates jobs, allows people to have a sense of worth and well-being, and provides billions of people worldwide with the necessities of life…but industry also has to survive in order to do so.
Unfortunately the majority of businesses still operate by the short-sighted bottom line instead of being driven by the need to have as much protection in place for their workers, the environment, and the planet and thereby create greater long-term prosperity.
We are working to change the awareness of industry.

With over 50% of all industrial oils ending up in the environment, it is a disappointing fact that we are all affected by industrial activity.
Airesun has focused on the products that will make the biggest difference in today’s industrial world and help industry become true partners in global environmental stewardship.