June 25, 2020


Airesun Global Ltd. (Nova Scotia) and Airesun Global Manitoba Ltd. today announced signing of a CA$6.75 million contract with ASAF Fabrication LLC of Dubai to establish Airesun’s unique processor/extractor technology in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to produce Airesun’s proprietary, fully-biodegradable, non-caustic and non-toxic lubricants, degreasers and cleaners for heavy industry and manufacturing. ASAF Fabrication LLC is a 20-year-old fabricator of high-quality concrete moulds for various mobile machine and stationary plants.

The first processor/extractor unit – known as an “Airepod” – subsequently will be joined with other Airepods to build capacity to serve heavy industry clients in Dubai and the GCC, several of which have expressed interest in the “totally green and safe” Airesun products that ASAF Fabrication LLC will use in their own production and likely also will sell under their own “white label,” according to Thomas O’Keefe, founding CEO of Airesun Global Ltd., headquartered in Glace Bay (Cape Breton Regional Municipality).

“We are considered a leader in steel mold fabrication with reputed customers from all over the Gulf region,” said ASAF Fabrication CEO Mohammad Aslam. “We look forward to bringing this cutting-edge technology to the Gulf Region. We are extremely confident that Airesun’s unique processing technology and products will be adopted in many industrial sectors, including the oil and gas industry, where there are strict guidelines pertaining to ecological standards.”

Airesun’s heavy-industry products are made from seed oils, primarily canola and soy, and contain no petroleum distillates. All have been certified by third-party assessors as “food-safe.” “They offer all the environmental benefits you could expect,” O’Keefe added, “but also provide a safe, non-toxic environment in the workplace, while still performing as well, or better than, competing products at very competitive prices and with no special handling.”

The 13,000 tonnes of canola/soy oil annually that initially will be required in this first contract will come from Canada and be shipped out of Winnipeg by Airesun’s Manitoba subsidiary company.

Further similar contracts are currently being completed with Airesun distributors in Europe, and new partnerships and distributorships are under negotiation in the Middle East and western Africa, in addition to a number of Canadian firms in different industry sectors. “Airesun was ‘born global’,” according to Dr. Jacquelyn Scott, CEO of Airesun Global Manitoba Ltd. “We serve mostly very large clients and our current expansion negotiations will significantly affect and geographically diversify canola sales.” She added that several B2B clients will be served directly by Airesun products produced in their planned Winnipeg facility. Its location is currently under discussion with two possible sites in Winnipeg.