• Announcing Nigeria contract

November 14, 2020

Airesun signs export deal with Nigerian Firm

2-Year contract benefits Nigerian and Canada

SYDNEY — List Nigeria as the latest landing spot for Cape Breton invention that brings ‘safe and green’ industrial lubricants to the heavy industry and manufacturing sectors.

The two-year $150 million deal was announced by Airesun Global and Airesun Global Manitoba on Tuesday in Sydney.

It’s a deal that means significant social and economic implications for the African country.

It will also mean as many as 150 new jobs in Cape Breton to get Airesun’s signature products known as Airepods to Nigeria.

It’s a processor/extractor technology that produces fully-biodegradable, non-caustic and non-toxic lubricants, degreasers and cleaners for heavy industry and manufacturing.

“Our production units are like miniature oil refineries,” said Tom O’Keefe, founding CEO of Airesun Global.

“It takes a certain amount of expertise to make them and we believe the expertise is here and we know we can make them here and ship them all over the world.”

The new jobs in Cape Breton will be in the development of the Airepods, which resemble a shipping container on the outside.

The magic of the technology, according to Airesun Global (Nova Scotia) chief operations officer Jacquelyn Thayer Scott, is inside the fast and versatile units.

“If one of our partner companies wants to make, for example, cutting oil today, they let us know they want to make cutting oil,” she said.

“We control a switch here that tells the Airepod what to do.”

Jolomi Engineering Services, an engineering company, will establish the product in Nigeria.

The first Airesun Airepod will be joined with over 20 others to build capacity to serve heavy industry clients in Nigeria and neighbouring countries.

There’s also a socio-economic development project associated with the Nigerian commercial contract that will see 100,000 acres of farmland in that country allocated to develop the capacity to grow feedstock for Airesun products made in Nigeria.