Smart Technology

Sustainable Development

Biobased Products

AireSun Global operates with the lowest possible carbon footprint, promoting environmental stewardship while ensuring quality of product, integrity of supply chain and service practices, and a safe and prejudice-free workplace and benefits to local and regional communities.

Life Saving Ideas

Data available from the World Health Organization and other credible bodies have determined that most lubricants and cleaning products contain ingredients that can significantly impact human health. 

By contrast, the ingredients in Airesun Global products are certified food-safe. Our products are at least as efficient and effective as traditional products, but are completely non-toxic and are 100% biodegradable after 90 days

Smart Technology

Our product lines intensify the industrial strength of naturally-derived nano-technologies enabling performance on an intermolecular scale to achieve more efficiencies than traditional products.

Airesun products’ general mode of operation occurs primarily on the nanometer scale through the interruption of close range intermolecular forces (e.g.: Van der Waals forces) between contaminants and substrate.

Mechanisms include charge screening of the electric double layer, and adsorption of lipophilic-hydrophilic species to the contaminant surface to act as charge or steric repulsive entities. This results in modified adhesive properties without requiring complete solvation of the contaminant, in the case of Airesun cleaners/removers. Or, in the case of Airesun lubricants, providing a protective lubricating film to facilitate the lubricating properties required in multiple industries.